Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

This is going around on Facebook and, since I took the time to write it, I though I'd post it here as well:

1. I am allergic to lipstick.
2. I prefer to drive a stick shift and miss my 1988 Jeep Cherokee.
3. I have traveled to lots of countries and lived in 5 different states but do not have one friend who has known me my whole life and that makes me sad sometimes.
4. I took ballet lessons from the time I was old enough to point my toes until after I graduated from college.
5. The last ballet class I took kicked my ass so badly that I didn’t want to walk for a couple of days.
6. I miss dancing.
7. When I feel uncomfortable I can become defensively bitchy and I routinely feel bad about that.
8. I miss going to work everyday…
9. …and I NEVER saw that one coming.
10. In the 80’s I routinely worn 4 different colored socks at the same time.
11. I also once used an entire gallon of hair spray (which was a gag gift from my dad).
12. In the 90’s I shopped at St. Vincent DePaul and wore combat boots with a skirt and flannel.
13. Now…I’m still in my PJs.
14. I am eternally grateful that I am not the person I was yesterday.
15. I prefer taking a bath to a shower but almost always take a shower rather than a bath.
16. I walk, talk, and carry on incoherent conversations in my sleep…there is often yelling involved for some reason.
17. I am addicted to Mexican food and would eat it everyday if I could.
18. I feel extremely guilty that my husband kisses me goodbye every morning while I am still in bed…despite the fact that it is obscenely early.
19. I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up and I fear that I need to figure it out very soon.
20. I’m not sure that God exists and don’t really understand people who so faithfully believe.
21. In high school I took a pottery class rather than a jewelry making class.
22. I often wonder what I would be doing today if that had been the other way around.
23. I routinely recite random quotes from movies or TV shows that I love.
24. I faithfully watch every episode of LOST despite the fact that it seriously pisses me off.
25. When I’m alone I sing loudly, often, and extremely off key.

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